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IMTS 2016 Report

Posted 11/1/2016


2016 IMTS CNC Leveling


IMTS 2016 Report

IMTS2016 Img



From September 12 to 17
hosted more than 115,000 attendees, 
making it the third largest in registration and exhibit space 
in the show's history! 
More than 2,000 exhibitors from the metalworking industry 
put their innovative solutions on display at McCormick Place, 
covering more than 1.3 million square feet of show floor. 
The automated alignment experts at Tru-Lign were no exception, 
making the most of the opportunity to meet people who stopped by 
and share what we've learned about automated alignment. 
The Friday before the show, we aligned two separate machines: 
the GENOS M560-V and the MA-12500H.
Genos M560V Tru-Lign
The GENOS M560-V weighs in at 16,500 lbs with 8 pads. 
Tru-Lign aligned the machine in one hour
MA 12500H Tru-Lign
The MA-12500H is much larger, 
at a weight of 120,000 lbs with a whopping 29 pads. 
Still, with Tru-Lign, we got it aligned in under 3.5 hours. 
If Tru-Lign can produce those kinds of results on the show floor, 
imagine what Tru-Lign can do for you.
Curious yet? We want to help you keep your machines 
running at peak efficiency through automated alignment. 
Check out our webpage today or contact us at
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