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The Revolution is here, now

Posted 12/1/2016

Why now?  Automated alignment for the modern age





 The process is not going

through an evolution

It’s a complete revolution,

and the revolution

is here, now





 Why now? Automated alignment for the modern age



A few years ago, two men spent 150 hours each on a difficult machine tool alignment. When they were finally finished, they told themselves there had to be a better way to do the same job. Surely there had to be an alternative. They discovered manual machine tool alignment was the only option. So they decided to do something about it.


That's where Tru-Lign began. Born in the mind of five entrepreneurs, Tru-Lign is the result of a team using their different skill sets and life experiences to create a solution that will help improve machine tool maintenance for everyone.


Stephen Youngers, one of the owners of Y3DE LLC, explained that the original concept behind the Tru-Lign system came from identifying a need and having a team of people who weren't satisfied with the "way we've always done it" mentality.


The initial inventors brought together their areas of expertise to identify how to accomplish the task, Stephen Youngers said. He added that improvements to technology have helped reduce cost and make it possible to accomplish things that were not possible before.


"The technology to create something that is reliable and cost effective did not exist until about four years ago," said Jim Youngers, another of the owners.


According to Youngers, a machine tool manufacturer's goal is to sell machine tools. Whether that machine tool sits on a level foundation or not doesn’t concern them.


"They have guidelines," Jim Youngers said. "But the foundation is the customer's problem. A manufacturer won't let alignment problems due to foundation issues get in the way of a sale."


Youngers also believes that only the men who service machine tools know the pain of alignments. "It's a cost nobody sees," Youngers said. "Everyone else only cares that it's right when it's done."


Owner and software programmer Pat Emerson explains that machine tool purchasers usually sub out foundation-related work to general contractors and leave the alignment of the machine tool to the installers. As a result, the foundation and the installation are no longer connected.


"The cost of realignment is a hidden cost," Emerson says. "It's thought of as a maintenance item and not a profit center for the machine shop. I don't believe anybody is doing a true ROI analysis for the cost of alignments or stopped to think about how many times they are characterizing their errors instead of correcting their alignment."


The unique perspectives and skill sets of the team at Y3DE LLC, combined with newly available technology, made the Tru-Lign system possible today. Five guys in the right place at the right time engineered a solution that brings machine tool alignment and leveling into an automated modern era.